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For DOG with Earthly Branch: Earth(地支:土)

Outnumbered by inauspicious stars, suggest a demanding year for the Dog. Troublemakers are near to ruin your plans which will lead to legal issues, sickness and financial losses. Take preventive measure and don’t engage in high risk sports/activities to avoid accidents. Be attentive to your family’s well-being and health at home. To overcome misfortune, place a Six Emperor Coin Hulu Fire Ally Plate at the North West of the living room or office.

Included Lucky Charm:

Accidents/Unlucky Star – Carry a Luoshu Dragon Tortoise Amulet.

Triple Punishment – Place a set of 3 Pixie at the East of the living room facing outside.

Wealth – Place a Wealth Ding at the North West of the living room.

今年运程反覆不定吉凶互见, 事多异 变,只要沉著应付,亲力在办,在逆 境中坚守阵地 。事业运有贵人扶助。慎 防小人官非, 钱财易破损,疾病困扰, 意外刑伤 (高危活动)。家宅运颇弱,多 与家人沟通和关怀,应注意六亲 的健 康。 宜在办事处或客厅的西北方摆一座 三宝火局葫芦镇 来镇宅息灾, 家宅吉 祥,事事顺畅。


血光之灾/凶星:配带一只 洛书龙龟钱 来消灾纳福。

三刑:在厅的东方擺 套三辟邪 朝向门 外来化煞催旺。

财运:在厅的西北方摆一套 聚财鼎 来 汇聚旺盛财气。

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