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Door Direction Lucky Charm 2019


Feng Shui of Eight Front Door Directions

The door direction can facilitate your fate. Based on the octagonal I Ching symbol, the front door may have eight directions with different fates.

  • The northeast-facing front door represents wisdom and academic achievement, thus suitable for intellectual families.
  • The northwest-facing front door facilitates outward development, thus suitable for those who often take business trip or travel outside.
  • The southeast-facing front door facilitates wealth, thus suitable for those who seek wealth.
  • The southwest-facing front door facilitates the luck of marriage, thus suitable for those who want to get married.
  • The east-facing front door facilitates good family life, thus suitable for big families seeking harmonious and happy life.
  • The south-facing front door facilitates fame, thus suitable for families seeking fame and wealth.
  • The west-facing front door facilitates descendants, thus suitable for families wanting to benefit the descendants.
  • The north-facing front door brings thriving business, thus suitable for business families.

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