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For HORSE with Earthly Branch: Fire(地支:火)

Without any lucky star, the Horse is in for a turbulent year. This affliction will come in the form of mental distress, misunderstanding, financial dispute, legal entanglements, accidents, and being confined. Staying committed to your work, avoid speculation, and patience will yield results at the end. Be attentive to your family’s well-being and elders’ health at home. To overcome misfortune, place a Wealth Pixiu at the North of the living room or office.

Included Lucky Charm:

Accidents/Harmony – Carry a Horse Ally Amulet.

Household – Place a Fushou Hulu at the South of the living room.

Three Killings – Place a set of 3 Qilin facing South.

Unlucky Star: Place an Opportunity Sheep at the South East.

今年鼠马相伴,众多凶星汇集,诸事 甚多阻滞。情绪低落,身心受困。易 惹是非争执,财务纠纷而耗财。提防 意外横祸,官非纠缠,甚至被禁困。注意家宅的变动,长辈们的健康和意 外刑伤。今年最好站稳岗位,息事宁 人,谨慎理财,以守为攻。宜在办事 处或客厅的北方摆一座 招财貔貅 助您 扭转乾坤,求谋顺心顺意。


血光之灾/人缘:配带一只 肖马三宝匙 扣 来消灾纳福。

家宅:在厅的南方摆一座 福寿康宁 来 化病息灾,助家宅兴旺。

三煞:在厅擺 套三骐麟 朝向南方来化 煞催旺。

凶星:在厅的东南方摆一座 三阳灿烂 助您福至心灵,吉祥如意。

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