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Earthly Branch: Water(地支:水)

The Grand Duke Jupiter favour the Rat this year, couple with some auspicious stars will bring your career and wealth to another level. Nonetheless, exercise good financial management to avoid being left impoverish. Be aware of troublemaker who surrounds you to spread damaging gossips which will leave you vulnerable to lawsuits and financial losses. Also, take time off to rest, be watchful of meals and exercise to avoid ill-health.

To remain prosperous, position a Guardian Treasure Pot at the North East of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

Accidents – Carry a Bixie Mirror Amulet.

Career – Place a Wenchang Pagoda at the North of the living room.

Health – Place a Fushou Hulu at the South of the living room.

Legal Issues – Place a Dragon Tortoise at the South East of the living room.

Love [Avoid] – Place a R.Q. Mandarin Duck on Lotus Leaf at the South of the bedroom

今年在岁合星庇护下,加上吉星会合照 耀,事業财运可有跟大进展。宜小心处 理财务,以免小人是非争执惹来官非耗 财。慎防积劳成疾,宜多运动祛病健 身,多注重饮食。宜在办事处或客厅的 东北方摆一套 四灵金斗 镇宅息灾,并招 来四方八面财富盆满丰盈。


血光之灾:佩带一只 避邪镜 助全年安 康。

事业:在厅的北方摆一只 文昌塔 助事业 有成。

健康:在厅的南方摆一座 福寿康宁 来保 全年安康吉祥。

官非:在厅的东南方摆一只 龙龟 来化解官非耗财。

解桃花:在睡房的南方擺一座 荷叶鸳鸯 助婚姻美满。

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