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For MONKEY with Earthly Branch: Metal(地支:金)

he Monkey will continue to enjoy plenty of opportunities in terms career and recognition. However, being overruled by unlucky stars, it will disrupt the flow of luck with troublemakers causing arguments, leading to ill-health, lawsuit, theft and monetary losses. To blot out the ill-effect, place a Six Emperor Coin Hulu Water Ally Plate at the South West of the living room or office

Optional Lucky Charm:

Accidents – Carry a Luoshu Qilin Amulet.

Litigation – Place a pair of Snails at the South East.

Robbery – Place an Elephant Rhinoceros

Treasure Vault at the South East of the living room.

今年事业运尚称兴旺。但命宫中众多 凶星作祸兴灾,恐有小人陷害,官非 讼诉,盗劫灾祸,意外刑伤,钱财耗 损。故肖猴人须打好基础站稳脚步, 处事谨慎,亦可稳中求胜年 。 宜在办 事处或客厅的西南方摆一座 三宝水局 葫芦镇 来安稳运程,助您人事和谐, 家宅兴旺 。


血光之灾:配带一只 洛书骐麟钱 来消 灾纳福。

官非:在厅的东南方摆一对 蜗牛 来化 解官非讼诉。

劫煞:在厅的东南方摆一座 犀牛镇库 来化煞挡灾。

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