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For PIG with Earthly Branch: Water(地支:水)

The Knowledge Star brings mentors and stability in your career. Nevertheless, some unlucky stars will manifest as illnesses, litigation, robbery, and financial losses. Don’t get overworked but, instead pace yourself and take care of your personal diet plus well-being to prevent sickness. Observe patience, and humility to create a harmonious environment at home and at the workplace. To overcome ill-effect, place a Promotion Dragon Tortoise at the North West of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

Harmony – Place 3 Carp Ornament at the North East of the living room.

Household – Place a Fushou Hulu at the North East of the living room.

Litigation – Place a Bian at the East.

Unlucky Star – Place a Shigandang at the South East of the living room.

Wealth – Place a Zhaocai Sheep at the North West of the living room.

今年运程尚称顺昌,事业有贵人助力。可惜 受到病灾星照命,恐有血光病痛缠身,钱 财耗损,官非纠缠,盗劫之灾。须特别关 注自身健康和饮食卫生,勿操劳过度,应 多做运动。家庭欠和谐,凡事与家人相处 要宽容忍让并冷静处理,应以家庭为重。 宜在办事处或客厅的西北方摆一座 加官进 禄 助您扭转乾坤,求谋顺心顺意,事业昌 盛,财利通达。


人缘:在厅的东北方擺一座 和谐圆满 来助 人事和諧。

家宅:在厅的东北方摆一座 福寿康宁 来化 病息灾,助家宅兴旺。

官非:在厅的东方摆 一 只 狴犴 来化官非横 祸。

凶星:在厅的东南方摆一只 石敢当 来消灾 纳福。

财运:在厅的西北方摆一只 招财羊 来招纳 财气。

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