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For ROOSTER withEarthly Branch: Metal (地支:金)

With plenty of auspicious stars, the Rooster enjoys a year fill with prosperity and good tidings. However, be aware of those with ill-intention to avoid being cheated or even entangled in lengthy lawsuits. Pay attention on your family’s well-being and elder’s health at home. Shy away from extra marital affairs or it may lead to irreconcilable marriage and family squabbles. To remain prosperous, place a Affluance Pixiu at the North of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

Litigation – Place a pair of Snails at the South East of the living room.

Love [Seek] – Place a Double Happiness Magpies at the West of the bedroom.

Love [Avoid] – Place a Dragon Phoenix at the West of the bedroom

Robbery – Place a Radiant Trio Canine at the South East of the living room.

Unlucky Star – Place a Shigandang at the West of the living room.

今年运兴盛畅通,福星高照,财运不 俗,喜气盈门。不过人事上惹风波险, 故不宜轻易信人,以免口角是非官灾 临身,盗劫耗财 。 勿沉迷酒色,危及 家庭和婚姻和谐,应以家庭为重 。 注 意长辈们的健康。宜在办事处或客厅 的北方摆一座 吸财貔貅 助您扭转乾 坤,求谋顺心顺意,事事亨通。


官非:在厅的东南方摆一对 蜗牛 。

招桃花:在睡房的西方擺一座 双喜临 门 来催旺婚姻运。

解桃花:在睡房的西方擺一座 龙凤呈 祥 助婚姻美满。

劫煞:在厅的东南方摆一座 光耀三犬 来镇宅息灾。

凶星:在厅的西方摆一只 石敢当 消灾 纳福。

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