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For SHEEP with Earthly Branch: Earth(地支:土)

The presence of numerous auspicious stars will bestow the Sheep heaps of opportunities. However, some unlucky stars will manifest as gossips, sickness, litigation which leads to financial losses. Be mindful of your personal health to prevent illnesses. As a remedy, place a Fushou Hulu at the South West of the living room or office.

Optional Lucky Charm:

Career/Education – Place a Zhugeliang at the North West of the living room.

Grand Duke Jupiter – Carry a Pixiu Bagua Coin.

Triple Punishment – Place a set of 3 Pixies at the East of the living room facing outside.

Wealth – Place a Wealth Ding at the South of the living room.

今年紫微龙德照耀,富贵临门,好好 努力把握良机。可惜遇到鼠羊相害, 易惹是非纠争,官非诉讼,财物耗 破。健康欠佳,宜防疾病临身,意外 刑伤,注意起居饮食及做适当运动。宜在办事处或客厅的西南方摆一座 福 寿康宁 助您人事和谐,家宅兴旺,事 事称心如意。


事业/文昌:在厅的西北方摆一尊 诸葛 亮 助事业心愿达成。

太岁:配带一只 貔貅八卦钱 来消灾解 危,全年安康吉祥。

三刑:在厅的东方擺 套三辟邪 朝向门 外来化煞催旺。

财运:在厅的南方摆一套 聚财鼎 来汇 聚旺盛财气。

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